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Tubular film FFS

  • High speed Multiple Lanes Tubing film packing machine
    New bagging machine to save material cost and room. Max bag 200x500mm. By running multiple line bags, the speed could be 1-2times faster than the similar machine in local market.
  • Widely usage Tubular film Roll Bagging machine
    The Tubular film Roll Bagging machine has a high production capacity and is revolutionary due to its extreme flexibility.
    Work for tubular film or bags-on-a-roll: such as LDPE - MDPE - HDPE - COEX- Bio-based – Compostable. The film can be Transparent or coloured.

    Application industries: Cement, Chemicals, Animal feed,Food ingredients, Hand packaging (for example, ironwork and locks and hinges), Fertilisers, Non-food, Potting compost, Etc.
  • Polyolefin Tubular Film Bagging Equipment For Bulk Solids
    Tubular Film Bagging Equipment require less film for any given bag size, compared to single wound film used on VFFS machines because the latter requires an overlap of perhaps 25-30mm or more for the longitudinal seam. This immediately adds a small percentage (perhaps 3%, depending on bag widths) to the annual film costs.
    Tubular Film Bagging Equipment produces the bags, which are prepared and opened ready for either manual or semi- automatic or fully automatic loading.
  • HDPE LDPE Tube Film FFS packing machine
    Our HDPE LDPE Tube Film FFS packing machine can replace both vertical (VFFS) and conventional systems for pre-made plastic in many industries. The bag is cut from a continuous tubular film reel, then filled and sealed before emerging as a finished pack. This machine can be integrated with everything done in one compact system.
  • Hardware Packaging Machine Solution With PE tubular Film Bag Reel
    The Hardware Packaging Machine works with pre-opened bags as well as on a roll. Bags are manufactured, filled and closed in one working cycle. This innovative design results in extreme cost savings on the poly bag, reducing overall mail order fulfillment bagging and packaging costs. The bag length can be changed to right-size the package for mail order fulfillment.
  • Patented Tubular Bag Film Fill Seal Machine
    Our Tubular Bag Fill Seal Machine can work with low cost tubular film made of LDPE granulate. The Tubular film on reels, highly transparent, colorless, not printed. Thus it can save money for customers.
    Patented Tubular Bag Form Fill Seal Machine is easily to form pouches in-line before they are filled, optionally printed/labelled and sealed. Above all, by using tube film, our Tubular Bag Form Fill Seal Machine enables you to select the perfect bag length for your product manually or automatically generating efficiency and lower material costs.
  • New Pattern design of PE tubular film Bagging machine
    New pattern design Horizontal Seal Jaws to make the machine run more stable and speed could be 20% higher.
  • Bag Make Machine With PE Bags-On-A-Roll Film
    Our Bag Make machine will use Bags-on-a-roll film. The bag length is pre-settable, through the control panel and it can be stored. Once the product to be packed has been loaded, the machine seals the bag and presents another open bag for the next product. No need back sealing and No Former collar.
  • Ldpe Film Roll Bag Sealing Machine For Flexible Packaging
    TUBULAR Ldpe Film Roll is easily converted into a PE-bag. When the top and end of the bag is cut and sealed, it would make a bag, that make the work of our compact Ldpe Film Roll bag sealing machine is simple and easy to operate.
  • New patented tubular film FFS for PE
    This new patented FFS packing machine is specially work for PE tubular film. It forms pouches in-line before they are filled and sealed, when tube film is used. The PE tubular film is blown from Blowing film machine directly, NO need forming collars and back seaming. Thus, our FFS excludes any back sealed Jaw, more simple design for easier operation. Plus, the PE tube film is lower cost than Laminated film, the fabrics can save much money in machine and film cost.

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