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Elevator Conveyors
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Elevator Conveyors

  • Z-shape Chain Bucket Elevator Vertical Lift Conveyor
    Z-type chain bucket elevator is used for horizontal - vertical - horizontal transport of powdery, granular and small bulk materials.
  • Food Grade Modular PP Belt Inclined Conveyor
    This inclined conveyor is very well suited for a board range of free-flowing products in the food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical industry, such as snack food, frozen foods, vegetables, fruits, confectionary, chemicals and other granules. The conveyor belt is made of food grade PP material and make by mold method, with good appearance, not easily deformed, bear high and low temperature.
  • Food grade PU Belt Lifting Conveyor
    The PU belt lifting conveyor is widely used in agricultural, food processing, process plant, and allied industries.
    Machine structure: SUS #304 frame + Side wall (SUS 304/ Corrugated plastic) + Cleat
    Belt width: 300-400mm
  • S shape Lift conveyor to save space
    Inclined Conveyor is very well suited for a broad range of free-flowing products in the food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical industry, such as snack foods, frozen foods, vegetables, fruits, confectionary. Chemicals and other granules.
  • Inclined Bowl Conveyor for Frozen Seafood noodles in food production line
    It is used for conveying small piece and granule, such as pork, beef, chicken nugget, biscuit, potato pieces, and any other fresh food or puffed food.
  • Support Working Platform made with Stainless steel
    This product is made by stainless steel, look strong, generous and durable.
    The most human guardrail, stair and prevent slippery panel provide safe and practical working platform.
    Mainly used in bearing combination scale, the complementary packaging machine, etc.
  • Vibration Feeding machine
    Vibratory feeder is for temporary storage and transferring dry, free-flowing food and non-food products to bucket elevator.
    their highly sanitary design with fully stainless-steel structure make sure the machine fit the most demanding applications The durability, ease of cleaning and backup- free which are good choice for food industries.
  • Finished Product Take Away Conveyor
    1.The machine can send the packaged finished pouch to the check machines and packaging platform.
    2. Sanitary food grade plastic modular PP belt
    3. Easy to be disassemble and reassemble
    4. High quality, durable antimicrobial belting
    5. SUS304 supporting frame
    6.With adjustable legs and casters
    7. Improve the efficiency of your food production line
    8. Low cost and big conveying capacity, speed adjustable.
  • Rotary Collection table to collect tidy finished bags
    1.The rotary collection table is used at the end of the automated packing process.
    2.Delivers the finished package to working height level for manual case packing or continuation to an automated case packing system.
    3.Receive and accumulate bags from the bagging line prior to case packing.
  • Horizontal Belt Conveyor
    A wide range of materials can be conveyed by belt conveyor, not only different kinds of bulk materials but also different kinds of cartons, packaging bag and other light cargoes in packages. In food industry, it mainly applied in the transport of biscuit, potato chips and other baked and fried food.

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