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Secondary Package
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Secondary Package

  • Hand Filling Semi-Automatic Packing machine with Buckets Elevator
    1. Full automatic working process: forming bag-materials filling-sealing-Output
    2. PLC control system, color touch screen, can adjust bag length, packing speed on it directly.
    3. 304 stainless steel: for machine body and all touching parts.
    4. It can work with Buckets elevator, belt conveyor, weight checker, etc.
  • Single Head Weighing scale for secondary package
    The turkey system combines Single Head weighing scale and big bag Tubular film Bagging machine, which can work for secondary package. It can put bulks of small wrapped products into big bag. It can work sorts of products, like candy, biscuits, snack foods, toys, plastic parts, etc.
  • Bag in Bag Packing solution with Multihead combination scale
    After primary package, how to put small bags in to big bag? How Packing solution can help you. It combines Multihead combination scale with big volume hopper, which can run very high precision and stable. It can work sorts of products with same weight per each piece, like gummies, cookies, industrial small parts, nuts, etc.
    The accuracy could get to +/-1gram only.

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