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herbs/ capsule/Health care products

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs Packing system filling by hand
    Most of Tradition Chinese Medicine herbs can’t be weight automatically, because they are mixed together and can’t separate to flowing. For such products, we have to fill them into Bagging machine by hand. Our Tubular Bagger’s flexible design allows both manual and automatic operations. The machine’s design also gives total flexibility regarding the product loading and exiting making integration into a small manual/semi-automatic packing cell or fully automatic line very easy.
  • Pharmacy Tablets Pills Capsule counting and filling Packing line
    Strong compatibility: It can count and Pack various kind of solid preparation or solid granules, such as tablet (including heteromorphic tablet), capsule, soft capsule (transparent and non-transparent), pill etc.
    The Capsule counting machine has two types: Channel Vibration type and Vision type
    High intelligence: It has various alarm and control functions like no bottle no count, check fault automatically and so on.
  • Leaf Tea Herbs Packing machine with Single Head Weigher
    Typically weighing and packing Vitamin, Tablet, Fresh Vegetable, Fruit, Salad, Hardwares, Confectionery, Frozen Foods, Snack Foods, Nuts and Pulses, Tea and Coffee, Dried Foods, Pet Foods, Dry Baby Foods, Seeds, Grain, Rice, Sesame, Melon Seeds, Food Additives, Sugar, Chicken Essence, Muesli, Fertilizer, Feed, Black Cumin, Currant, Pistachios, Berries, Potato Chips, Chocolate Nuts, Fodder, Tablet, Pepper etc.
    High Productivity - High Performance - Cost Effective Smart Duplex Dimpled One Head Linear Weigher.
    Self-learning function
  • Health care products packing equipment with Multihead balance
    The Multihead balance developed for precise and high-speed quantitative weighing packaging system. It is suitable for weighing material of small grain with good uniformity, such as Health care products, oatmeal, sugar, salt, seeds, rice, sesame, milk powder coffee, etc.

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EMAIL: helen@pebestpacker.com
TEL:  86-0757 2775 1138     
MOB: 86-134 2060 8160
FAX:  86-0757-2783 7030      
ADD: No. 30, Xintang Industrial Avenue, Lunjiao, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

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