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Hardwares/Toys/Industrial part

  • Screw Bolts Counting Bowl Pan Packing Machine into PE bag
    By vibration force to push the Screws, Hardware to go into track rail one by one and then a Sensor to count it, high accuracy. The PE film can bear heavy weight, plus a Heavy product tray to support the bag before sealing, thus the bags can be sealed very well.
  • Free flow Fastener Nut Bolt Nail Small Parts Hardware Packing Machine
    Hardware industry, fastener industry, standard parts industry, metal stamping parts, rubber rubber and plastic industry, electronic and electrical industry, decoration accessories, door and window accessories, Furniture Cabinets Hardware accessories, etc.
  • Bolts screws Nail Filling Packaging machine
    Special coating 2head weigher with big volume hopper to pack Nails. Stretch Polyethylene tubular film Packing machine can finish heavy bags.
  • 4 head Lane Scale Bagging solution For Small plastic, rubber parts
    English or Chinese LCD touch screen. Also more languages options is available.
    Precision electronic weighing scales, high precision
    All stainless-steel construction, easy to clean, corrosion-resistant
    PE Tubular Film Bagging machine to save material cost and simpler operation
    Electromagnetic vibrator feeding material, adjustable amplitude, high speed, high precision
    Machine starting up electronic scale automatic set zero, packing weight exceed accuracy limit alarm
    Weighing error can be automatically corrected, vibrators amplitude voltage is adjustable
    Amplitude vibrator voltage can be adjustable.

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EMAIL: helen@pebestpacker.com
TEL:  86-0757 2775 1138     
MOB: 86-134 2060 8160
FAX:  86-0757-2783 7030      
ADD: No. 30, Xintang Industrial Avenue, Lunjiao, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

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