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  • Patented Tubular Bag Film Fill Seal Machine
    Our Tubular Bag Fill Seal Machine can work with low cost tubular film made of LDPE granulate. The Tubular film on reels, highly transparent, colorless, not printed. Thus it can save money for customers.
    Patented Tubular Bag Form Fill Seal Machine is easily to form pouches in-line before they are filled, optionally printed/labelled and sealed. Above all, by using tube film, our Tubular Bag Form Fill Seal Machine enables you to select the perfect bag length for your product manually or automatically generating efficiency and lower material costs.
  • Hardware Packaging Machine Solution With PE tubular Film Bag Reel
    The Hardware Packaging Machine works with pre-opened bags as well as on a roll. Bags are manufactured, filled and closed in one working cycle. This innovative design results in extreme cost savings on the poly bag, reducing overall mail order fulfillment bagging and packaging costs. The bag length can be changed to right-size the package for mail order fulfillment.
  • HDPE LDPE Tube Film FFS packing machine
    Our HDPE LDPE Tube Film FFS packing machine can replace both vertical (VFFS) and conventional systems for pre-made plastic in many industries. The bag is cut from a continuous tubular film reel, then filled and sealed before emerging as a finished pack. This machine can be integrated with everything done in one compact system.

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